Saturday, November 17, 2007

If you don't blog for something . . .

It's hard to believe it's November and we've been at this blog thing since February. Almost 10 months. Well, 9 for me because I took that month of for my cosmetic surgery.

When Roller and I first started bloggin', we left our focus pretty much open ended. We were going to write what we were thinking. When we felt strongly enough, when our creative "juices" were flowing, or when we were to bored to find the remote, we would take to the keyboard to set the Internet ablaze.

Since that time, it's been interesting to see the stylistic developments of the two of us. Roller has got info. You want to know about Saudi private schools. BAM! You thought Google was just for searching. No way sister! Do people still do the Rubik's cube? Uh, huyeah! This is a long way from one of his first posts. A semi-fictional diddy about Ryan Howard and my dad. Still a must read.

I on the other hand have mostly been a commentator. Drumming up questions for discussion. Mocking celeb sightings. Rapping about the weather. And apparently an apologist. In addition to the one above I also sent one apologizing to both fans of TATL. I really need to stand up for myself.

Roller has commented as well, like about the Cardinals. And together we have brought the still to be completed series on Law and Order. Lots of bloggy talk about this series on the blogs where they talk about blogs.

So the question I ask myself and all of you is "What does TATL do, besides an expose on hot Spanish speaking weather ladies, to better itself in 2008?"

The first answer is easy. I, Coovo, need to carry more of the load. I think back to discussing this with TATL commenter Ryan, and he told me that the most important thing was to find stuff to write about and not worry about the quality as much so you can get a high frequency of posts, thus an audience. Let me grade myself on these three qualities: 1) finding topics: C, 2) Frequency of posts: F- 3) Assessing writing: F. Lots of times I sit down to write and I don't like it. So I scrap it, get frustrated and don't write for another week. e.g. I've already gone back and changed the wording of the sentence in red 4 times. I have been busy with work. That is true, but Roller also works and has a family. No excuse. More frequent, less proof-read posts. This is my New Year's Blogalution.

The other answers are up for debate. I think some new serial topics would be good where Roller and I team up for hard hitting assessments. Maybe more issues relating to the two cities that inspired the name of this blog. The sky is the limit. Well, maybe the smog layer below the sky but that is pretty high when you think about it.

Please pass along recommendations. We'd love to hear them.

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Marty said...

Or, maybe in 2008 we could have more coovo diary entries like this one...