Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mea Culpae

If you are reading this Magistra, is that how you say "We're sorry?" You'd think four years of Latin could help me, but all I remember is that fili mi pinus, means "My son the pine tree".

Things have been quite busy for both myself and Roller and we are definitely sorry for all those "blogamaniacs" who have been looking forward to our next Law & Order installment. The good news is that it is on the way. Cragen v. Van Buren. No, not a civil case over Lenny Briscoe's police gear, but a Loop and the Lou dissection of the two people to run the 27th Precinct.

In a rare serious LATL moment, The Loop would like to send it's best to the Lou with regards to the recent death of Cardinals pitcher John Hancock. We rant and rave over these games and players like they have a great affect on our lives. But it is a moment like this that that has the greatest affect and should remind us to enjoy the game of baseball one pitch at a time.

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