Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who are you? Who-who, who-who . . .

I was talking with my brother last night and he said that he enjoyed our last couple posts. I told him he should have left a comment. And he should have and so should you. Even if it is to tell us that reading this entry wasted 2 minutes of your life that you will never get back. We'd love to know that people are reading, but we also want to hear what people think about the law and order characters. Our friend Ryan Seacrest (the last name has been changed to protect him from his baby's mama) has been diligent in leaving us his thoughts and for that we could not be more appreciative. Of course you will need a Google account, which is kind of like saying you need be alive.

To encourage some comments, I ask the following questions:

Does anyone want to start a petition to increase Paris Hilton's jail sentence? more info

How many of you will watch another horse race before next year's Kentucky Derby?

For those in the Lou, do you need to start sandbagging? Let's hope not.

For those in the Loop, should the Bulls play with a book in their shorts to soften the blow of the spanking the're taking from the Pistons?

Lastly, it looks like our beloved Law & Order might be in some trouble. It looks to be headed to TNT for it's 18th season. Good or bad thing? Discuss.

Tune in soon. Things get dicey, as we now have to choose from the three people who upheld the law in New York County. The crotchety Adam Schiff, the mercurial Nora Lewin, or the staunch Arthur Branch.


Marty said...

yes, lets put Martha Stewart back in too...only if i accidently leave ESPN on and Kenny Mayne and Hank Goldberg are doing chariot races from the middle of California...I hope not as well...You would have to use one thick book (i.e. war and peace, the hard covered Websters Unabridged English to French dictionary, or possibly the bible) for the last one, all I know is that TNT knows drama...they also know School of Rock at 6:30, 8:30, and 10:30 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...

Coovo said...

That's what I'm talking about. I may watch some of the Breeder's cup. I'm sorry, I meant the Breeder's Hump, an all-night porn marathon on The Spice channel.

That Bulls game was almost as tough as Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. Or what I call, the Bernie Mac game.

tnt . . .tnt . . . tnt

Roller said...

TNT! Dy-no-mite!!

Does that mean that NBC will start showing L&O re-runs?

Do you think Paris Hilton will rape anyone in prison?

Too bad about the Bulls... if only Pippen wouldn't have complained about Kukoch getting the last shot.

If the Bulls get a man on first, they need to pinch-run Dave Roberts. Bulls in 7.

Speaking of Jordan, what's up with Kevin Bacon as the new hip Hanes pitch man? He's played 2 crazy gay dudes in his career. That doesn't sell mens underwear.

Marty, it's great to see you here.

You guys don't have an extra pine tree lying around anywhere, do you?

labargeg said...

Bring back Luc Longley!

Boy oh boy, I never noticed that we could leave comments. Thanks for pointing that out Coovo. You guys are screwed now.

I think I'm with you on the Kevin Bacon deal, Matt. I usually don't get noticeably irritated by men's underwear ads, but there is something about the smirk that makes me want to rip that underwear off and take him in back and...

oops, that was a typo.

Keep it up guys! I'm a loyal reader. Marty, do you still have a beard?

Mark said...

does this make sense to you guys? Its science and math to me. Not a word!

Roller said...

Oh, mark, Cryptic Demon, I cannot answer your question, for I know not of that which thouest speak.


Ryan said...

Seacrest Out.

Roller said...

nice, rye, nice.

Coovo said...

When I told Marty that mark was probably Mark W&II&c3, he thought it was Buck. THen I wondered, you think Buck knows what a blog is? Maybe he can make sense of Mark's post.

Gene, your brother Tom actually left a few comments in the beginning. I thought it was Tom Arnold at first.

Here comes the next post.