Monday, February 26, 2007

All apologies

I have to say that almost two weeks between posts wasn't my intent when I signed on for this thing, but I've been hard at work at, um, work.

My next entry was to be a little about the history of the two people who manage this blog and what makes them tick. Unfortunately, I'll have to table that post for a time when I actually feel like writing about myself.

I don't know what it's like in the Lou but Chicago Winter is rearing it's ugly head. It seems like it has been an on and off mixture of snow and ice since Saturday. I feel kind of bad for the poor guy whose delivering my food right now. No way he should be out on the street in this weather

So the question is Roller, when do we bring this blog to the people, i.e. you e-mailing to almost every person you know and me e-mailing it to my parents and Nana?

Tune in Wednesday for an exclusive story about how this blizog got off the grizound and the two home skillets who started it. Peace.

Mr. McCoy, meet Mr. Coover

So over the weekend I saw an old episode of Law & Order. In this particular episode, a professional basketball player was accused of killing a heckler. It was an average episode by L&O standards, but there was one piece of the storyline that probably hits home to Coovo and his dad.

The player in question had a deep bond with his high school basketball coach, and often consulted him when in trouble. Many of you already know this, but Tim's dad, Mr. Coover, was the 6th grade basketball coach for reigning N.L. MVP Ryan Howard.

He looks happy doesn't he? Well, you can thank Mr. Coover for that. Tim's dad was the man who single-handedly transformed the 200 lb. power forward into a cleanup hitter. And to this day, Ryan maintains frequent contact with Mr. Coover, and relies on his sage advice.

Last November, when Howard barely beat out Albert Pujols for the MVP award, Pujols had this to say, "Ryan Howard did not deserve the MVP. He is big and fat and should have stuck to basketball. I hope the Cubs don't sign Soriano." Well, it was something like that anyway.

Soon after that statement was released, Ryan placed a call to Mr. Coover and consulted his mentor on the best way to handle the situation. Mr. Coover responded, "Say nothing. Pretend he doesn't exist. Albert Pujols is a flash in the pan. He's 43 years old and will be out of this league by 2008. And he would have never started on our 6th-grade team. Marty (Coover) would have dunked all over him. If anyone believes differently just look at Marty's game film.... Checkmate."

As we all know Howard held his tongue.

The mentor/mentee relationship is a precious one that few are fortunate enough to have. If it weren't for relationships like the one between Ryan Howard and Mr. Coover, there would have been one less episode of Law & Order to watch. And frankly, I don't think I could live in that world.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary TLATL!!!

Well, I can hardly believe that it's been ONE WHOLE WEEK since The Loop and The Lou burst from's cyber-womb. I mean, it seems like just last week.

You may not remember, but Timmy kicked this machine into gear with.... let me find it.... this wonderful christening. Somewhere along the lines I chimed in with something like this and from then on we've been pedal to the metal.

I'd like to take a quick moment to say thanks for all the support we've gotten out there from everyone. We might not see that support in the form of comments or e-mails or money, but that support is there none the less.

I don't want to jinx it, but what the hell - here's to another week of The Loop and The Lou!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

...taptaptap... Is this thing on?

I have to admit that I was hoping Coovo would kick this thing off. Mostly because he's a much more creative writer than I. Don't be surprised if a lot of my posts are just a rewording of his - but I'll try not to swear as much.

I suppose I should somehow describe my intentions with this blog. In the past year or so I'll have a thought pop in my head. I might dwell on it a while. Perhaps a prediction about a world event, a reflection on society, or a dirty joke that my Aunt Ursula told me. All of things that people like you, the masses reading this blog, need to hear.

Before, I'd have that thought, get distracted by some other driver talking on the phone, spill my chicken wings all over my lap and then all my energy had to be focused on ROAD RAGE! Now, I'll continue driving normally, pull out my Blackberry, surf my way to this blog and enter a new post - like I'm doing right now! Accidents may happen, but bones can heal. And posterity is forever.

So anyway, I don't think my entries in this blog will have a specific theme, purpose, or arguably, a point. Hopefully Coovo's do, so people actually have a reason to visit The Loop and The Lou.

Good night, and God Bless.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's in a name?

Hey there Matt, World.

Boy Matt, this blog thing is a great idea. I have so many thoughts, concerns and emotions pent up and I feel relaying them in a forum like this can really impact people, provoke discussion and God willing progress. By the way, you should see the size of the dump I just took. It looks like the Hindenburg.

All serious thoughts aside, right now the blog begins and ends with it's name. I mean this isn't like naming a child where it is acceptable to choose from popular ones and even use your exact own. This is a blog. Our first-blog if you will. I mean with the right name, we could get our 1/2 hour spot on Tech TV!!

The Cub-Cardinal themes jump at you right from the start. But like an NBA fourth quarter comeback, it's cliche. Besides it could pigeonhole us into being a sport's site and attract the Werkmiester's of the world who could talk non-stop about the size of Pujol's thighs. Definitely keep the Chicago-St. Louis theme on the board. It has too much potential to ignore.

This blog could be seen in several circles as the reuniting of the Webster-wide famous duo who brought you such classics as "What it's all about" and "Huntin' Squirrel". They might even remember our first song with Ryan McCabe, "G's going to Namibia". Searching the lyrics to any of our songs could bring us a word or phrase that might best sum up this leap into the prepositional unknown.

Of course what would our relationship be and that of our group of friends be without fantasy baseball. And the easy transition from there to here is simple: "Chicks Dig Fantasy Bloggers" So we could be "Chicks Dig Real Bloggers". Whoops, here I am in a typing frenzy, not taking into consideration that you're married. Us advertising to Nicole that chicks dig us, might not go over so well: "Chicks Dig I Real Blogger and Dutifully Respect the Other"?

We could be the "Odd Bloggers"? You: married, kids, lefty (sometimes), home in the Burbs, Rams fan. Me: single, 0 kids, righty (always), apartment in the city, Bears fan.

Anyway you roll the dice, slice the pie or pick your nose, I'm excited Matt. It's about time our friends productiveness at work slowed down. GE shareholders beware.