Thursday, February 15, 2007

...taptaptap... Is this thing on?

I have to admit that I was hoping Coovo would kick this thing off. Mostly because he's a much more creative writer than I. Don't be surprised if a lot of my posts are just a rewording of his - but I'll try not to swear as much.

I suppose I should somehow describe my intentions with this blog. In the past year or so I'll have a thought pop in my head. I might dwell on it a while. Perhaps a prediction about a world event, a reflection on society, or a dirty joke that my Aunt Ursula told me. All of things that people like you, the masses reading this blog, need to hear.

Before, I'd have that thought, get distracted by some other driver talking on the phone, spill my chicken wings all over my lap and then all my energy had to be focused on ROAD RAGE! Now, I'll continue driving normally, pull out my Blackberry, surf my way to this blog and enter a new post - like I'm doing right now! Accidents may happen, but bones can heal. And posterity is forever.

So anyway, I don't think my entries in this blog will have a specific theme, purpose, or arguably, a point. Hopefully Coovo's do, so people actually have a reason to visit The Loop and The Lou.

Good night, and God Bless.

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