Monday, February 26, 2007

All apologies

I have to say that almost two weeks between posts wasn't my intent when I signed on for this thing, but I've been hard at work at, um, work.

My next entry was to be a little about the history of the two people who manage this blog and what makes them tick. Unfortunately, I'll have to table that post for a time when I actually feel like writing about myself.

I don't know what it's like in the Lou but Chicago Winter is rearing it's ugly head. It seems like it has been an on and off mixture of snow and ice since Saturday. I feel kind of bad for the poor guy whose delivering my food right now. No way he should be out on the street in this weather

So the question is Roller, when do we bring this blog to the people, i.e. you e-mailing to almost every person you know and me e-mailing it to my parents and Nana?

Tune in Wednesday for an exclusive story about how this blizog got off the grizound and the two home skillets who started it. Peace.

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