Monday, March 12, 2007

We Are Whoever We Say We Are

Well, you can't really say that I've improved in post frequency. The outrage over me not posting on Wednesday could be felt in all reaches of the Roller's work desk. I must admit I did have a post worked up about who we are but Roller and I disagreed about the info in it. He said that the info could be used for potential identity theft. I said identity theft was something made up on CSI. Before this thing got scrapped before it started, we arm wrestled for it. I won. Here is the gist of what I was going to post:

Roller and I met in high school. We played lots of basketball together. His mom's maiden name is Ilgauskas. All critical points to understanding The Loop and The Lou dynamic.

Anyway, Roller and I did meet in high school and we gravitated towards the same group of friends. It is those friends that probably get most of the jokes from that very first post. High school for both of us was in The Lou, but my life started in the Loop, or at least a suburb of it. My folks both grew up in the Chicagoland area and on my mom's side my family we can trace our heritage back six generations in Chicago, giving me ample credentials to represent the Loop. I'm not as clear on Roller's Lou credentials. I'm pretty sure his grandfather is Yogi Berra, but I'll let him fill you in on that.

After college, we both came back to The Lou to start our professional careers. While I continue to search for mine, Roller seems content is his life as computer programming bounty hunter. He tracks down fugitives through Google Maps. Unreal. I moved (back) to Chicago in 2001. I have never really lived in the city before, always in the one burb or another.

Roller and I have started this blog pretty much just to write. We have no specific direction for it but we plan to use it as a space for us to record our thoughts whether they be op-ed pieces or fantasies about Ryan Howard actually remembering who my Dad is. I'll give you a take from a single, big-city bachelor. Roller will give you a take from married, suburban proud papa.

You'll also probably see your fair share of sports talk on this site as I endured my years in The Lou and remain a loyal Chicago fan. Roller, true to his roots, joins the rest of our friends in supporting the St. Louis franchises. Any acrimony in our friendships dissipated as we moved into early adulthood. Check that, one Al Moore still reminds me that the Cubs suck. Even though I tell him every time, that I am aware of that point.

So check back once a week or so and we should hopefully have something vaguely interesting/comical/infuriating up here. Feel free to leave comments, as we're attention addicts and will likely respond with flowers and chocolates.

Until then, in the immortal words of Pope John Paul III, "Peace out, y'all."


Ryan said...

Ahhhh, hell no. Ahhhh, hell yes. YOu can bet I'll be checking in every day to read your writings. And by day I mean week. And by week, really I think I mean more like "month", but who's counting?

Glad you guys are fronting this. Cool idea and good stuff so far.

P.S. Did anyone ever hear if G ever got back from Namibia?

Tom said...

What's a Namibia?