Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Nothing I love more than checking the blog out and seeing a post about the Cardinals. Only the inclusion of Roller's Dad, Dr. Roller, made it worthwhile for me. And of course the brilliant prose of one Roller "Derby". I did laugh a lot though. Somewhere, someone at ESPN got a raise for getting Billy Bob and Wal-mart to come together. Reminds me when FOX got life-long White Sox fan, Bernie Mac, to sing the 7th inning stretch during the Cubs-Marlins series in 2003. It was Game 6 and Bernie decides to call the Cubs "The Champs" during the song. You can blame Bartman, I'll blame Bernie.

Raise your mouse if it's flurrying outside. I'm kidding. Put down your mouse, you look like an idiot. If April showers bring May flowers, then what does April snow bring? Mother Nature is showing that indeed Spring is a myth here in the Loop. Today, I am definitely walking in my Winter Underwear.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be doing this series on Law & Order. It will be tough for me because every time I think of Lenny Briscoe leaving the force and then leaving this earth, I have to take a moment. L&O has been a staple in my life ever since I began watching reruns senior year in college on A&E. I read recently that Dick Wolf, the shows creator, got a star on The Walk of Fame. Probably the first person on the walk to be famous just for his name. Unless he was holding the star with a name tag that said, "I am really Dick Wolf," I'd have no idea who he was. But good for him. He is now certifiably famous and will not doubt get into heaven.

Ponder this while you wait 2 weeks for the next post: Ben Stone or Jack McCoy? You can't have both.


Ryan said...

Coovo, to really get the people involved, you'll need to include more pics of these guys and gals. I can't remember half the names, but when I see the pics, I'll know who I liked better.

Future blogisode: Hottest lawyer on the show vs. hottest detective. Chicks, not dudes. It's not that kind of blog...

Coovo said...

I am trying. I can't seem to get the photo in there. What the F is an html tag?

Coovo said...

I daaaaaaaaad it.