Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time to Change

Peter Brady may not have uttered more famous words. But they apply to all of us. For those that know me, I tend to be a creature of habit. Change is the money I get when I pay cash for something, not something I apply to my life. For our younger readers, cash the green paper you get when you use your ATM card.

But change I have. Big change. A silver dollar. For the purposes of blog, I will still be the Loop. Chi-town, the Second City, the Windy City. But I am actually calling the city of Urbana home. That is where I live, but I go to school in Champaign. Yes I said school. If you haven't figured it out, I have started Graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The campus is actually bisected by city line separating the two towns.

I am studying for a Masters in Sports Management. The adjustment is getting better. Although only a two hour drive south of Chicago, I've gone from a thriving urban sprawl where I knew lots of people, to a ultra-rural area where I know no one.

But I think this can be a good thing. Meeting people will happen. But at least for now it is allowing me plenty of study time, free of distractions. And herein lies the biggest adjustment: CLASS!

It has been 10 plus years since you could officially call me a student. And even then the term student might have been a stretch. Luckily for me, Graduate life is requiring a lighter class load, albeit more demanding classes. The hope for the coming weeks and months is to try to find a way to use my talents in other areas within the University, one that hopefully can reduce the cost of tuition.

So that's that. Keep clicking in for future updates on the Coovo College Experience.


Roller said...

Sweet! A Coovo post can only mean one thing - the writers strike is over and now I can watch new episodes of My Two Dads. Or whatever that Charlie Sheen show is.

Great post my friend and I look forward to hearing more. I think you should try out for the basketball or football team. Tell them you used to back up Schnurrr, and that you can still beat Marty 1-on-1.

Is it wrong that I still have a crush on Marcia Brady?

Marty said...

Roller, the answer to that question is a resounding no... what's wrong is the notion that Tim could still beat me in 1-on-1...unless we were playing caps...

Coovo said...

Tim has no shot at beating 1-on-1. However, Coovo would give him a serious beatdown.

Marty said...

Have you guys ever had Reese's cookies...if you haven't, i strongly recommend picking up a box, eating the entire box and then being worthless for the rest of your Friday afternoon....they're like drugs...

Anonymous said...

nice blog spot coov
congrats on the school thing too
always good to hear from old timers and yes you are officilly an old timer if you can reference the brady bunch