Monday, February 4, 2008

Really Super Bowl

I must admit that I didn't see myself catching much of the Super Bowl action after Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' halftime show. Which, I thoroughly enjoyed. Engrossed in reading about external threats to organizations, the second half started and I'm glad I didn't change the channel.

There was a part of me that wanted New England to win so we could all stop hearing about the 1972 Dolphins. But a greater part of me wanted the Giants to win. The Bears would still be the only 18 win Super Bowl winner and, as with any sports dynasty that's not the Bulls, I'm just sick of New England.

So many times this year we've seen the Patriots' offense capitalize after it seemed their possession was over. Such seemed to be the case when The Giants were caught 11 players and 1 leg on the field. I wanted to argue with someone that the Giants should have taken a timeout, but I was watching the game by myself and I was to drunk to talk. Turns out the Patriots don't score, and New York needed that timeout on the winning drive.

And being a Bears fan, I love to watch good defense and both teams played great defense.

I'll always think that Eli Manning was wrong for demanding a his draft day-trade (and it would have been a whole different media week if the Giants were playing the Chargers), but my disdain for him is waning. He has it tough. He's got this brother, Peyton, who besides being one of the best quarterbacks ever, is this articulate, affable and downright likable superstar. And Eli's, just, not. His quiet, or un-Peyton-like demeanor, has given amateur psychoanalysts free reign to diagnose his problem, when his biggest problem just might be his last name.

And that's why my memory of Super Bowl XLII won't be David Tyree's catch or Tom Brady getting tossed around like a Supermodel in windstorm. It will be seeing Peyton Manning as fired up as anyone will ever see him after the Giants scored. You'd have to think that it was not only hard for Peyton to watch Eli struggle and receive criticism, but also to know that it was magnified because of how successful he was. Good for Eli. Now go home and start licking those Double stuff.


Austin said...

My memory of the super bowl will be Tyree's catch. Amazing.

Manning played well and that was a great drive but I thought someone(anyone) on the defense was a little more deserving of the MVP.

Bernie has an article in the post today which basically calls the pats cheaters in every line.

I wonder if some Rams/ex-Rams have done a little "off the record" venting to Bernie about the recent allegations concerning Super Bowl 36.

Coovo said...

Agreed on the MVP. Like, totally.

This article expresses everything I was thinking when Belicheck was running off the field after the game:;_ylt=AoFiTBrk8Ev8Td7WL3sc_Do5nYcB?urn=nfl,64971

It says that this is from a blog? Roller I thought we were the only ones with a blog?

Coovo said...

Austins link:


Roller said...

Austin's Link
Coovo's Link

I don't know why it didn't render your guys' links correctly but that should do it.

Interesting article from Bernie. Along the same lines as Austin's comment, I think Bernie could have shared some of his praise with the Giants' D. I'm happy for Eli, but it was the Giants' D that won that game and made it one of the best Superbowls ever.

Coovo, the blog post you linked was right on the money.

Gene said...

Outside of the the Rams involvement, this was hands down the most exciting Superbowl I've ever seen, and I basically watched the 2nd half by accident. Outside of St. Louis playoff sports, I rarely yell at the television, but when David Tyree caught that ball I howled. I then started calling people to talk about it. None of you bitches answered.

Regarding Belicheck as a weenie: agreed. I obviously don't know the guy personally, but he sure paints himself as an asshole.

Makes it more fun when an asshole loses.