Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Free Beer!

Well, no, not free beer. But free guitar lessons! Kind of.

Check out, where you can find digital guides for chords, scales, and tuning.

Start with the tuner. Tune your guitar to standard tuning, or adjust the knobs on the guitar to tune to an alternate.

Check out the chords. Pick any chord. Like C. Pick any of the 27 variations of that chord. Like C7b9. Click the strum button. Control the tempo of the strum. Play an electric or acoustic. Pick another chord. Slap on a capo. Left handed? No problem. Click the Inversions button to view all the different ways to play that chord up and down the neck. Save the chord to your own bank of chords on the site.

Move on to the scales. Pick a key. Pick a scale. They are missing some of the variations on the major (ionian), but it's still pretty darn comprehensive.

So grab a beer, grab your axe. Listen, play, learn. And one day, you may be as good as this guy:


Callahan said...

roller. nice reference.

i found this webapp for the iPhone that's pretty neat too:

not as deep as the chord book there, nor does it have scales and what-not. but it sure is handy when i'm on the phone and forget how to play a Cm7.

Roller said...

Nice and handy. ahhh the iPhone. I'm holding out for the 3G version. They had already said it would happen in '08, but they didn't give a date at MacWorld like I expected they would. Which probably means Sept or Oct... in time for the Christmas rush.