Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Scaredy Fox! Scaredy Fox!

Fox News decided that Ron Paul was not worthy of entry into the Republican debate in New Hamphire, even though Paul's results in the Iowa caucus (10%) were triple that of Giuliani (3.5%), and he was close to 3rd in New Hampshire polls. What is this, Nader all over again?

Hats off to Jay Leno, who recognized the undeserved snub and had Paul as his headlining guest on Monday night. I doubt that the Leno appearance helped Paul in NH, but I wonder if nationally this might have worked out better for him than attending the debate.

Here is Leno's interview of Paul:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Ryan said...

My man, RP! He'll have to do better than 10% if he wants to have a shot. Super Tuesday should be fun.

Thought he'd do better in NH, but still not bad. The fact remains that the polls are not very accurate and voter turn out is in record numbers, which would seem to help anyone considered going for an outside shot.

Fox NC is a joke, but I guess most people already knew that. (I still watch it sometimes anyway)

Roller and COOVO for Prez, 2012.