Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sports Illustrated recently ran a story claiming Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003.

I don't know Alex Rodriguez, but from the interviews I read and stories I heard, I didn't think too much of him as a person. And yet, I always admired him as a player because I thought he was clean. Bonds passing Ruth's and Aaron's numbers bothered me, but I always figured it wouldn't matter too much because A-ROD would eventually pass Bonds.

My belief that A-ROD was clean was based on the fact that over his career, he never displayed the abnormal bulk/growth that you saw in Bonds, McGwire and Sosa. That simple layman's test is apparently not valid. According to the SI article, Primobolan, the drug for which Rodriguex is accused of testing positive, "improves strength and maintains lean muscle with minimal bulk development, according to steroid experts, and has relatively few side effects."

TLATL has covered steroids in baseball here, here and here. Aside from TARP and L&O, it's probably our most blogged topic. This is a pretty big story to me, but maybe you all had already priced in the notion that anyone who's anyone in baseball in the last 10 years is a user.

We'll probably never see indisputable proof, so my first question is, do you believe SI's story? If so, are you upset? Disappointed? Indifferent? Does it change your perspective on other players?


Marty said...

I'll answer the questions later...where did you get that picture

Ryan said...

Ahhhh, the ole letterman pic. One of the worst pics I've ever seen. Arod must have been on some other banned substance when he agreed to do that.

Honestly, not shocked or disappointed by it. Always had a fairly low opinion of ARod. He's always seemed like a total d-bag.

I'd be very disappointed/shocked if similar news came out about Pujols, who I legitimately put as the great boy scout of the league.

And in fairness, I'm not judging ARod or anyone else. I think it's difficult to put yourself in their shoes and know exactly what they were told, waht they knew. If someone took anabolic steroids for years, I say kick them out of baseball.

But there seems to be a lot of gray here, from various uppers to ADHD drugs to muscle drugs.

Coovo said...

The absolute worst thing to come out of this story is that it lends more credibility to the human greaseball, Jose Canseco, who said he knew A-Rod was connected with steroids.

I honestly don't care about A-Rod. But this is bad for the game. ANd I think it will get much worse before it gets better.

Marty said...

Who has better boobs....the a-rod picture or the queen latifah picture?

kevin said...

this is absolutely crushing to the sport. ARod is so fun to hate, but at the end of day, his skills are unquestionable, and he is, for better or worse, the face of the league.
the bonds saga was enormous as we all know, but it fit nicely that he was such a jerk and that his numbers were out of this world - easy to dismiss a clear cheater and AHole.
ARod is more well rounded and athletic than bonds, and, despite his DBaggery, not really a jerk. he is the only guy to give Pu a run for his money for best all around player (in '98, the guy had 42 HR and 46 SB with 124 RBI...)

this whole issue is more complex than anyone knows what to do with, and eventually i think people are simply going to dismiss this whole era.

btw - speaking of bonds' numbers, my bro and went round and round a while ago about how good they were. i thought and think they are with babe ruth's as the best numbers of all time. steroids aside. just numbers. are there any saber guys out there?

Coovo said...

Arod is on ESPN right now, admitting to taking steroids. Full interview is going to be on Sportscenter 6pm ET.

Roller said...

A-ROD definitely made the right move by admitting it. Wish Big Mac would just do the same. Interesting column from Rob Neyer.

Coovo said...

Roller, I can't believe ARod scooped you like that. You had this great post setting the stage for a classic debate about did he or didn't he and then he's like I did it. Man.

Does anyone else think its funny that Michael Phelps is being getting equal treatment for smoking weed as ARod is for taking steroids. Phelps actually got suspended and its likely Arod will not.

In my eyes, the only thing we found out about Phelps is that he's a normal 23 year old. And Arod, well he disgraced the sport.

I also saw some blog where they talked about a Guitar hero commercial where Kobe sings lead with Phelps and Arod on guitar and Tony Hawk on drums. I guess it makes fun of their recent drug issues which "taints the band".

Um hello? Is this the same Kobe who was arrested for rape? At the very least, he cheated on his wife, which again in my eyes is way worse than smoking pot.

Roller said...

I hadn't seen that, Coov, but that's in pretty poor taste. And I agree with you re: Phelps.

One thing that still seems a little fishy about the A-ROD story was his answer to Gammons' question, "So 2001-03 was the only time you did steroids?". A-ROD responded with a less than definitive "That's pretty accurate". Didn't punishment start in 2004? Could it be that A-ROD was still doping in the NY years, but didn't want to admit it, because then he could be suspended?

I guess we'll never know, and it doesn't really matter that much. Just bugs me.

Coovo said...

Here is the link:,140328

kevin said...

i think the gov't leaked all this a-rod news to divert public attention from the new new deal. we're being controlled!