Friday, February 6, 2009

Around the Horn

"All the Hits the Nits Missed."

There is a conference each year whose tagline is "ideas worth spreading". I think about every blog claims this tagline, too, but not every blog gets the likes of Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Bill Madlock as guest speakers. I suggest browsing the previously linked site, there's some cool stuff there.

Like ole Billy Gates releasing a bunch of mosquitos on the audience as part of his attempt to raise awareness about malaria, claiming, "Not only poor people should experience this."

Microsoft has been the cool thing to bash for years now, and Bill Gates hasn't ducked much of that, either. But truth be told, I think Bill Gates is a hero. He worked hard, got rich, and now he's using his wealth to make the world a better place.
Places like Africa...

Where Nigerian police have arrested a goat, and have charged it with armed robbery. The claim is that the goat was a human when he committed the crime, but then morphed into a goat using some kind of black magic after committing the crime to avoid capture. You're avoiding capture, so you turn into a goat. Not a bird. Not a T-Rex. Not a mosquito. A goat.

Just in case you're unaware, Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation, by far. At 135 million people, they have 50 million more people/goats than runner-up Ethiopia.

And in election news, Iraq recently completed nationwide elections. The early results suggested that current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's party or allied parties were victorious throughout most of the country. While there's a ways to go, Iraq has come quite a ways from its 2005 elections.


Ryan said...

Hmmm, I find Bill Gates' actions to be a little weird. He's always been content to work in the background on his projects for doing good.

If he starts taking it upon himself to raise awareness and generate movements, I'll be a little concerned.

When Bill Gates gets an itch and wants to share, we're all gonna get it.

Cool facts about Africa. Goats rock. So does Nigeria.

Coovo said...

I Saw the TED guy on Charlie Rose a while back. Kind of came off a little elitist for my taste. Possibly because he is really smart and I am not.

Did Bill Madlock really speak at TED? The same Bill Madlock who won a 4 batting titles? Weird.