Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mo-Money, Movember

Mo Money, Mo Problems, unless you're talking about raising money for men's health issues.

We men are pretty awesome, according to those of us at the Loop and the Lou. We do seem to lag behind the fairer sex when it comes to talking about our health, though. We'd rather tough it out until we drop... but it doesn't have to be that way.

A Loop and The Lou Founding Member, Coovo, is raising awareness and money for men's health through a great program called Movember. This group enlists Mo-Bros to shave their face clean on November 1, and grow out their mustaches the rest of the month to raise awareness and show a little solidarity. In Australia, they call their stache's "Mo"s, hence the name "Movember". Clever Ausssies.

Help Coovo out by donating your next cup of coffee. If you didn't know that prostate cancer was the most common non-skin cancer in the U.S., then maybe you should take a second and throw down. Seriously, 5 bucks can really help. Click here to do it. And if we're lucky, Coovo might post a pic of his 30-day stache when Movember ends.


Roller said...

So Coovo, now that the month has ended can we get some feedback? Was it a successful campaign? How many people actually participated? Did yours completely fill in? I think I would be lucky to get a Dave Wannstedt.

Rye, I had forgotten that at one point in your life you had a pretty kick-ass stache. When was that? Do you still have any pictures or food that got caught in it?

Ryan said...

Yeah, Rollz, my mustache is fairly red and bushy if I let it go. In about a week though, I can get one to show up and get noticed from about an arms length away.

In honor of Movember and in conjunction with a cross country race I just ran in Des Moines, I grew out the whole face, then shaved it down into a new facial hair concept. I call it "the Mongoose."

I am entering it for consideration into the American Facial Hair Club's Pure Breed Book.

The Mongoose shall be judged to the following standards:
1) A full mustache shall be supported by two pillars, connecting the ends of the mustache to the bottom edge of the jaw bone. Note, the bottom surface of the jaw bone is to be shaved clean.

2) A straight line on the outside of the pillars is preferred, but a slight "lamb-chop" effect is acceptable.

3) The center of the chin should be shaved clean, separting the tips of the pillars by 1-1.5 inches (approximately the width of a standard razor).

4) The portion of hair sometimes referred to as a "soul patch" should remain, but all other parts below the sould patch, in between the solid pillars and down through the chin's center should be shaved.

5) The Mongoose cannot be worn in connection with any other facial hair, such as side burns. The rest of the face must be shaved cleanly.

Coov -- I want pictures.

Coovo said...

Today is actually the last day of the stache. U of I Campus Rec, who I work for and who set this up for us, is having and end of Movember celebration tonight at the Hockey game.

Pictures will be posted on due time, but I have to remain loyal to my donors, who donated for exclusive jpg rights.

I'm actually happy with how it filled in and how it looked. I kept the soul patch to give it a 3 musketeers motif.

40 donors for 602.12 Way more than I expected or deserved considering my philanthropic history.

Thanks to everyone and TLATL for bringing my cause to the masses.