Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Description Necessary


Coovo said...

you might need to explain because i can't seem to see the picture no matter what i do

Ryan said...

Oooops, my bad. No description necessary, however, picture is necessary.

Coovo said...

All this did was make me hungry

John Hanrahan said...

Nice Picture Ryan.
I think that picture covers it and it looks like a really good deal for everyone involved. I don't know what the budget cuts will be but based on the pie picture we should all be in favor of it.

It makes me hungry too Coover

Ryan said...

Does anyone know why the "pie" became the proverbial thing to divide up, why not the "cake"? Is it because of the crumbs?

Although I like a really great piece of home made pie, most pies aren't that good, whereas I do like me some cake. It's hard to make a bad cake.

Assuming ice cream is involved with either scenario, of course.

But in all seriousness, when you look at the annual deficit, it makes you wonder a little. How can that continue? No one I know can run their personal finances or a business that way... and we keep doing what about it? Electing a guy from the other party?

I'm really glad it's baseball season.

Roller said...

My only guess regarding pie vs cake is that sometimes cakes can be square, with square pieces, whereas pies are always round.

As important as these issues are, talking about them just seems to depress me lately.

So if the two sides can agree, they'll cut about 1%, or ~$45 billion, of 2011 spending. Here's something perhaps equally flabbergasting: 2010 campaign spending last year? Almost $4 billion. Imagine what it will be in 2012.