Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bad Idea Jeans

This is not a post about American foreign policy, but it is a post about bad ideas. Or, more accurately, it's a post about ideas that do sound great on paper but in practice end up revealing some je ne sais quoi that was just not in mente following the Eureka moment -- or even upon critical review of the idea by a group of peers.

This is not a slam on the inventive spirit or the people who came up with and produced these ideas. This is like a 20 game loser in baseball, it's a backhanded compliment. I know I've been suckered by both of the inventions pictured, so I have little qualms with paying back a little through mention.

By contrast, here is a great idea, every time -- playing music with your kids.

So what say you? What are some of the worst, good ideas you can find?


Kevin M said...

btw - i probably watched that father/daughter video 10 times.

Roller said...

Yes, that video is awesome. I try to play a lot with my kids, too. If you can get the kids to freestyle on the lyrics and they don't hit a dry spell, you can find some serious gold there.

That dude was playing a right-handed guitar, strung for a right-handed person but playing it left handed. Cool.