Friday, February 12, 2010


It's cold out there, folks. Not just in The Loop or The Lou. I saw one of TLATL's readers buzz about the temperature in his city...

(Inevitable tangent - do you like Google Buzz? I've stated before that I've intentionally avoided the "social" scene. It may be that I'm missing out on all the fun, but for whatever reason I just don't like my name and info all over the place. But, I understand the draw.

The funny thing is that as a result of the buzz launch, all my friends started following my Shared Items on Google Reader, which is what I've been trying to get everyone to do for years!

But I digress... )

It's so cold that the Mississippi River froze! No kidding. A good friend of mine sent me the link to some great pictures of a frozen Mississippi. I bet you could catch some great driftwood if you were to ice fish on our muddy rio.

And speaking of ice fishing, has anyone ever gone ice fishing? I'm not much for fishing myself, so I can't imagine ice fishing would be much better. But that's just me.


Marty said...

From what I understand, the only real benefit for ice fishing vs. regular fishing is that you usually get way drunker while you are ice fishing

Ryan said...

Funny, it's all in perspective for cold. We just got 12-14" of snow the other day, but it hasn't really been cold here in Chicago Lake County.

In Minneapolis, the Mississippi river freezes every winter, but it's much smaller there and much colder.

Cool pics of the river down by Alton. Anyone else think of Superman's earth palace?

As for ice fishing, it's way better than most normal fishing, because you need to drink to stay alive. There are two kinds of ice fishing, one where you have a bunch of chicks around an no one is really catching any fish, you're just trying to gross each other out with different flavor schnapps. The other is when dudes ice fish, and play poker and drink beer and cut up the fish and fry them and eat them in an ice house on the lake.

Both kinds are super fun. Driving a car on a frozen lake is weird and fun. I'll be heading back to Minny later in Feb for a buddy's annual ice fishing contest. It's the kind with chicks. Then we go out country dancing in the local bar at night.

kevin said...

re: google buzz, i like it. i too have no facebook or twitter login. i think i like buzz because i don't have to login in to anything, and in a weird way, because it's not very popular and therefore doesn't take much time. i can't see someone getting a google account though just for buzz. why would they? everyone is already on FB. but i like it.

G. Smith said...

Holy cow - I leave TLATL for a spell and suddenly I have a photo credit!

It does prove something about google Buzz: that picture was one of three buzzes I've ever buzzed, and it was apparently buzzy enough to buzz this blog.