Friday, January 29, 2010

You Smell That?

File this under: IIIIIIIII knew it!!

Have you ever had your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/daughter/another female in the human race complain of a scent, and you have no idea what they're talking about? It's a little embarrassing to admit, I suppose, but I have. Many times.

Sometimes it's a complaint that I smell. Sometimes it's someone else. Or something else. Heck if I know - I can't smell it.

But 60-Second Science has attempted to explain this olfactory oddity: Women smell better than men. That's probably true in many ways, but I find it comforting to know that there's a scientific explanation for my inability to know that I stink.

So to the few women who read this blog, it's not just that we don't care we stink, it's that we don't know we stink, either.

And for the men who read this blog, if there's any doubt in your mind as to whether or not you stink, you probably do.

And if you found the 60-Second Science story amusing, subscribe to their daily podcast! It's quick and informative. I've been enjoying it for a couple years now.


Coovo said...

"Ohhhhhh, That smell! Can you smell that smell?" Was the first thing I thought of when I read your subject line. I had no idea the next line of the song was "The smell of death surrounds you." In that case I'm gld women can smell better than men.

Good post Roller.

goodgame77 said...
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Ryan said...

Yes, and no doubt.

Vanessa and I just moved into our new rental house and have most of our stuff put in its new place. She had to go out of town for a couple days for her job, and I had the place to myself.

She returned while I was at work and immediately called me, "The house smells funny."


Smelled fine to me. Do I smell funny? Do I do things on a routine basis that create funny smells? Maybe she and I have different definitions of "funny"? Maybe she's Joe Pesci and I'm Ray Liotta? Apparently so.

She spent Friday cleaning out the house in ways only women understand (how do you hunt for smells?)? And since she has not gone out of town since then, the house has remained on an even smell keel.

I shudder to think how women got by in those old days before God invented Febreeze.

Coovo said...

You know if I still wrote for this blog I'd be ticked off that you deleted goodgame77's post. It was my friend Johnny Goodgame who is studying abroad on China. He was gracious enough to link a site with a bunch of women who I'm guessing are test smellers.

So the next time I detect a slight funk on myself due to this e-mail, I'm going to super self-conscious. Awesome.