Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nigerian Princes Have Emigrated To England!

Do you get a lot of spam? On one of my old email addresses that I still have to use, I do. Just got this email, and it made me chuckle. Instead of the normal splash of images and exclamation points to get my attention, this note contained no images and was written in courier font, as you might expect a government note would be. The good news is, it will only cost me $98 to get an ATM card worth $1.5 million! I plan to use my money to get our nation back to a budget surplus.

PO BOX 555, NEW YORK NY 10116-0555 
EMAIL: upsinspector@in.com

This is to notify you that we have intercepted your parcel from DHL COURIER SERVICE is making the delivery and we have stopped the delivery process for some 

security reasons stated below:

1.  Our scanning system has detected that your parcel contains a confirmable ATM CARD to the tune of $1,500,000.00 USD.

2.  Such ATM CARD coming from African /Europe/Asia is been verified by the POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE which we have directed our inspection team to proceed 

with the verification to ascertain the authenticity of the ATM CARD and now after all the verification on the Parcel/ATM CARD, having contacted the issuing 

institution who made it known to our office that the ATM CARD is a Genuine one and Not ILLEGALLY ACQUIRED. We have also forwarded the Serial Number of the 

ATM CARD to the U.S, Treasury Department and they confirmed that the CARD is Authentic and ready to be cashed at any ATM MACHINES.

Also for the Delivery of the Parcel to continue, you are in obligation to obtain from England, a Duly Sworn Affidavit from British High Court which will back 

up the Origin of Fund. This is in line with the Anti-Terrorist Campaign which the USA Government has embarked on recently to protect our Territory from 

future attacks. You should therefore contact the sender of the ATM CARD or the DHL Courier Agent in LOndon,England to get the Sworn Affidavit for you while 

we wait to receive from you the Affidavit File Number to enable us forward your ATM CARD to your address. 

Below is his contact information. Note that the cost of the Affidavit is $98 and do not hesitate to remit the amount to him.

Name: David Martins
Email address: dmartins2000@bellsouth.net
Tel: +44 704 570 5374

We shall then forward the ATM CARD to you and you will be sure of a genuine ATM CARD that is coming to you.  We are doing this for your interest considering 

the rate which fraudulent and stolen checks/ATM CARD are been sent to our innocent citizen that most times put them in problem. Always send your 

correspondence to our secure email: upsinspector@in.com

Your urgent action on this notice will be appreciated.


Walter Moore
Chief Postal Inspector


Roller said...

I meant to ask everyone - do you still get spam? At all or some or none of your email addresses? At which ones do you receive spam?

I receive a good amount at an old hotmail account, but hardly any (2-3 a year) at my gmail account. Of course, that could be because I try to limit who actually has my gmail account.

Marty said...

I like how they tell you not to hesitate to remit that money to him, after all its only $98...I also like how they reference the USA government...but overall i found it to be more confusing than anything and I think wasting $98 is well worth the possible 1.5 million payout...but thats just me

Oh and I get spam in waves on both my yahoo and gmail accounts. I wont get any for months at a time, and then i'll start to get 5 to 20 each time i check it, but then they both seem to be pretty good at filtering it out b/c it always seems to subside within a couple of weeks and goes back to normal

kevin said...

i don't get too much spam - the filters have gotten a lot better. also, good luck on not passing along your gmail address. the address books collect more contacts than an optometrist (zing!). which is good though - remember having to manually add contacts all the time?

where spam still lives a more legitimate life is on craigslist. i have sold many things on that site, and i always get creeped out when someone specifically has seen my post and taken the time to try to scam me personally. there are some great sites out there that try to scam the scammers. i had replied to a scammer and told him to contact me through my business email, and then put in top ranking guy in the local IRS branch. i chickened out last minute and discarded. damn!

Ryan said...

Kev, that's a great idea. Follow through with that, follow through!

Good to be back to TLATL. As for spam, I get a ton. I keep two email addresses, my yahoo one is what I give to businesses when they insist on it, my gmail one for friends or colleages. However, I've had to recently give out my gmail address in a flurry due to lots of changes going on so I wouldn't lose something to yahoo. The result: over 230 spam messages in December alone to my gmail account, when I hardly ever got any before.

Not quite the 2-3 a year that Roller boasts, but maybe 30-50 a month.

Wouldn't mind seeing a post on cell phone plans, or cell phones themselves.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I just got the exact same email, googled the phone number & found your post...

Coovo said...

I get a fair amount of spam on my Yahoo account but not near as much as I used to. 10 to 15 a day maybe. I'm on it so much that I clear it out regularly so it never gets up to more than 2 or 3.

But some spam are funny, like the one posted here. I just got one I had to share. I didn't even open. Just read the subject line:

"RE: Haven't heard from you in a while, let's bang soon!"

Roller said...

What makes you so sure that was spam?

Coovo said...

I guess I can't be sure. I have to admit though I don't remember the first part of the subject line. The second part sure caught my attention.

Another funny thing is that all of roller, ryan and matt's posts as well as all the comments go to my inbox. Yet for some reason all my posts and comments go into the spam folder.

Coovo said...

It happened again . . .

Coovo said...

And again--I'm done now.