Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet the Natives

I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I usually resort to the same old shows since not much on is worth the time it takes to watch. I wonder how many more channels we would need to get some decent shows. Some of the shows I turn on when there is nothing on are Dirty Jobs, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs and Fringe. Yeah, sorta nerdy, sorry. But I found a new show tonight that was severely entertaining and in many ways heartwarming and educational: Meet the Natives.

I am fascinated by tribal cultures and have been known to begin nonsensical rants with, "well, if we all lived back in tribal times...". But I find a lot of documentaries boring. Some of the shows where guys, usually British for some reason, insert themselves into a tribe for a spell can be pretty interesting but often feel stretched out and sometimes staged. This show center around five ambassadors from a small culture from the pacific island Tanna. They have an odd system of beliefs and connections with the West, specifically with Prince Philip and a WWII guy who went by (I'm guessing) the nome de guerre Tom Navy.

These guys ditch their traditional nambas for clothes that will keep them warm in the U.S., and they travel to five locations to spread their message of peace and happiness: Montana, New York City, Peoria, IL, Orange County, CA, and Ft.Stewart GA/Washington D.C. And their message comes through. They are quick to point out with a refreshingly simple honesty many of the things they see in our lives that are the same, that are great and that they do not like. It is both an interesting and fun show, although I admit it brought to mind various newsletters from a simpler day, when some brave ambassadors from the University of Dayton spread their own messages of peace, brotherly love and jock-strap nambas.


Marty said...

This looks totally cool...maybe not as cool as the crime fighting tandum of Charlie & Don Eppes and their uber-supportive father, Dear John, but def. worth checking out...Also, I think I took pictures for that newsletter's swimsuit edition...anyways, loving the frequency of posts, even if it means having to define and redefine the common use of words; b/c I would much rather read your guys' bantering about that than about how every team i support sucks, and the flavor trend and poundage information on batters and breadcrumbs in todays foodservice and retail markets

Coovo said...

Thats accurate marty. You shot my pictures for the second annual UD newsletter: swimsuit edition. Allow me to digress. We sent about seven letters our first year and 1 our second. Many stories have been and are being told about the legacy of the letters, but I had the privilege that second year to actually get to see Ryan open it. I've never been more proud of myself.

Back on topic. This show looks great. I'll have to see if its on hulu. But what I want to see is the opposite. I want to see five frat guys from here at Illinois get sent to Tanna and try to live there. That would be awesome.

Doughboy said...

Coovo's idea sounds awesome.
I, for one, am most psyched about two things (both related):
1) I got to wear a jock strap namba in a picture
2) Someome (i.e. Ryan) remembers it fondly.

Anonymous said...
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Travis said...

Does anyone know when they are going to replay these episodes or when they are going to make in onto OnDemand?