Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the lighter side, looking to 2012

Anyone remember the election going on? Bill Clinton does. And more importantly for his wife, there will be another one in 2012.

Many said that Bill gave a great speech at that DNC, putting aside the reported grudges over whether or not he used race as a campaign weapon in the primaries and the conflict over the topic of his speech. But he hasn't shown much support for Obama recently. In the past week I heard him on separate occasions go out of his way to make note of his deep respect for John McCain. I was able to find one of the instances, in this audio interview with the Economist regarding the success of the Clinton Global Initiative. The most glaring example is about halfway through the interview, where he says something along the lines of "Everyone knows the enormous amount of respect I have for Sen. McCain. And everyone also knows I respect Obama based on the talk I gave in Denver." Well, certainly not by that interview.

Darrell Hammond did a good job poking fun:


Ryan said...

funny funny.

poor duchovny. You take Scully out of his life and he winds up in sex rehab.

Ryan said...

Sorry Rollo, you'll have to wait a little longer if you want to vote for HIllary again.

I know how deep a desire that is for you:

Marty said...

you guys have really lost your edge....has anyone even heard from coovo