Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Live Marty (and Leonardo DiCaprio (and Russell Crowe))

Thanks for the motivation, Marty.

We have a high standard for content here at TLATL (or at least we think it's high), which sometimes leads us (or at least me) to post less frequently. I try to bring something to the table, and avoid writing posts about what I ate for breakfast.

But our audience (Marty, sometimes Austin) demands content, and who am I to withhold it. I had no idea that's how you spelled withhold. Totally thought it was one 'h'.

I saw the movie "Body Of Lies" this week. A Middle East terrorist-thriller, starring Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. It was an entertaining movie. If you liked The Kingdom, you would like Body of Lies. I've seen better movies, but I thought it was certainly better than the 3 stars out of 5 I saw in the reviews.

Anyway, my point is that this is the 3rd movie in the last couple years that I've seen with DiCaprio (the other two being The Departed and Blood Diamond (via HBO)). When Titanic came out, for some reason I decided I didn't like Leonardo DiCaprio. Even though I thought he was great in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries and Growing Pains. I just decided I didn't like him anymore. That was kind of stupid, because truth be known I've never even seen all of Titanic.

So I am here to say that Leonardo DiCaprio can act. He really can. I will look for his movies now, and like Russell Crowe, his name in the credits will make me think a movie is worth a look.

DiCaprio and Crowe, man those guys are dreamy. This one's for you Marty.


Marty said...

I expect dicaprio and crowe to be cheesy good looking leading men who make bad movies...but there not...they're actually cheesy good looking men who make good movies, and as far as i know are not scientologists

Marty said...

oh yeah...and long live me

Austin said...

As the other member of the audience, I agree. Leo is awesome.

Austin said...

I guess that economic thing McCabe was so worried about blew over. Thank the lord.

Ryan said...

Rollz, just saw this movie a couple weekends ago when it came out. Agreed. In fact I liked it a lot more than the Kingdom.

I'm a sucker for tech-based/spy/foreign land/good-bad blur movies. Body of Lies lacked a lot of the character drama of the Kingdom (where that plot's only Jewish character delivers the final cathartic blow against the bad guy!). Body of lies tried to limit the amount of morality tale in it (I guess except the love story). But the tradeoff between honesty, patience vs. lies and impatience was pretty good.

I also was talking some friends about how we all thought we hated Leanardo but now we all love him.

And he made this movie really good. Russell Crowe was fine.

p.s. Aisha was also the name of the Propet Mohamed's wife if my memory is correct. Coincidence or plant?

p.p.s. glad to see our readers actively involved again.

p.p.p.s. where the heck is coovo?

Marty said...

last i heard he was in Chambana working on a very detailed post showing direct correspondence of the worlwide revenue DiCaprio generates to the economic out...its a scorcher

Roller said...

Hmm. Rye I'd heard you make that criticism of The Kingdom before, but I didn't read into the Jewish thing as much as you. I think they made a couple references to Bateman's character being Jewish, but I didn't think it was that big of a plot device - I hadn't even remembered until you told me. It's not like he was flinging Stars of David at them. But whatever.

I think it's pretty clear that this was the Iesha reference in BoL.

Roller said...

He should have flung Stars of David. Or smothered him with a yamika. That would have been a better ending.

Ryan said...

"... we ate... cereaaaaaal"

I used to really like that song. Doubt I ever heard the lyrics too well.

The stars of david thing would have been funny, and put the movie closer to the comedy that it was. I just thought it was odd that Bateman didn't do anything violent the whole movie and then... deus ex machina. How ironic. Plus, wasn't Jennifer Garner a major part of that team? She weighs a buck 20 and is destroying big ass arabs. That's crazy talk.

I like the CIA angle better than the all-american-SWAT-team-in-ME angle.

Roller said...

Dude Jennifer Garner could kick your ass! Mine too.