Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is crazy. I'm on a Megabus from Boston to New York and it has wi-fi. Can you believe it? I'm not sure how the signal keeps up with the driver doing 75, but here I am typing with autosave.

It only took me 32 years 11 months and 8 days to get to New York City. Been to London twice. Boston a bunch. LA, San Diego, Tiajuana, Dublin, Seattle, San Francisco, Cleveland, Miami, St. Thomas, just to name a few. I've been to Cooperstown, NY, but not to the big city. I plan on taking the Lenny Briscoe walking tour the moment I get there.

No real reason for bypassing the Big Apple for this long. I didn't have friends flock there after college. I had more go to Charlotte, NC (been there too). Sure I despise all their Sports teams, but I'm the same way with St. Louis and I love to go back there. For whatever reason, I just never went. Until now.

I am only in town for three days and limited in capital, so I won't be able to see a ton of New York. But I hope to see enough to gauge whether this could be a place I could live in the future. You know, since I'm back in college getting wicked smart. I do have a feeling though that the moment a server says $7 for a Miller Lite, I'll be calling my connections in Des Moines.

So what better excuse to blog than my trip to the big apple. Stay tuned in the next couple days, yes, I said days to hear how Coovo is kickin' it in the city that never sleeps.


Roller said...

A friend of mine lived in NYC for a while after college, and I always had a blast visiting. Don't know if I could live there, but it's definitely someplace to experience. It has the same kind of "Adult Amusement Park" feeling that Vegas has.

A great story that typifies a NYC native. So my friend had some of his friends from Tennessee visit. They were getting a sandwich at a deli, and were asked by the rather "astute" owner where they were from, as noticed their accent. When told they were from Tennessee, he responded with a proud, open-armed "Well... WELCOME TO AMERICA!!"

Roller said...

Dude what the heck? I've been staying tuned for a week now and no mega-bloggin update. I think Coovo fell in love with Broadway and he's been skipping around the theatre district waving a pink boa at all the tourists.