Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dude, Yeah, Oddmann, He's Cuil

Thanks for the kick in the pants, Marty. I've been pretty swamped but I can always make time for a quick post. And yes "can always" means "on occasion".

You may have heard by now that a new search engine was released into the wild on Monday. Cuil (pronounced "cool" and old Irish word for knowledge) boasts that it has indexed 3 times as many pages as Google.

Here is a quick writeup on Cuil by the always awesome tech review site, Read/Write Web. And here are some quick thoughts on the threat to Google (and yes "threat" means "mild annoyance") by the periodically posting blogger, roller:

  • The slick, Web 2.0 style interface is refreshing - much better than the UIs Google creates (that includes iGoogle, Gmail, Docs & Spreadsheets, etc.). Cuil's interface for returning search results takes a little bit to get used to, but they are keenly aware that presentation is a large piece of a site's success.
  • Websites with "alternatively spelled" names generally annoy me; I can't figure out why you want to challenge people to find your site.
  • Will people ever say "Just Google it and..."? Did we ever think Google would become a verb back when it launched in '00?
  • The company Cuil was founded by a couple - a professor from Stanford and a former Google employee - who happened to be an architect of Google's search engine. My wife and I are planning on starting our own search engine called wyld. It will have 5000 times as many pictures of our kids as Google.
  • To search for news on Cuil, I used Google.
  • The latter picture is someone who drips cool, so I had to include it.
I'd like to end this post with a request. Please give Cuil a try and tell us if you would consider using it as an alternative to Google, and why you would or wouldn't. Thanks!


Marty said...

Now that's what I'm talking about. I mean, I have just killed a solid 5-7 minutes of work time by reading, commenting, and absorbing the essence of Stamos. When I come here and there are no new comments or posts, its only a waste of thirty seconds when I clear my browsing history so that my work peeps don't know I was here.

Roller said...

Marty, did you prefer playing for the Cards, A's, or D'Backs?

Ryan said...


hilarious comment that you used google to find info about cuil.

I do like the format of the results in cuil, but a couple things I didnt like. One, was the lack of a pure images pages. I search for images only often. Also, I searched for news on the Ivan Rodriquez trade earlier this morning on google, and I typed in "Ivan Rodriquez". It gave me a page of links, but at the top it suggested "Ivan Rodriquez trade" which I clicked and then got to click another link getting me what I wanted.

One search, one suggestion, two clicks. I coujldn't find any similar info on cuil, which didn't make a suggestion and didn't post any links directly about the recent trade.

I think it's cuil they have indexed so many more pages than google, but I think we're all way more interested in quality and usefulness of presented information rather than quantity.

Marty said...

You know, it's really great that I look like so many famous people, but unless one of them is going to allow me to start cashing their paychecks anytime soon, I should probably keep looking for a job....right??...anyways, roller...it was oakland...i just love the bay area....

John said...

I wasnt a very big fan of cuil. I didn't like the format. Also saying that you are going to cuil something just doesn't sound right.