Thursday, April 17, 2008

A penny for your thoughts . . .

If I've gotten one e-mail, I've gotten zero, all asking the same question: Coovo, what are thinking about these days? Oh, you asked for it. I'm thinking . . .

  • That the Presidential race has gone on way, way, way too long. "Bitter". Yeah I'm bitter. I'm bitter that Obama gets to bowl, that Hillary gets to get hammered and McCain got to meet the Terminator. I'm running for President next year.
  • We should all start carrying tranquilizer guns in case we run into a cougar. In a perfect world, animal control gets to crime scenes faster than Horatio Caine, but Roscoe Village has families and I have to back the cops on this one
  • My first semester of grad school is almost over and I have loads to do. And yet, I blog. I blog for you. I ran out of room for this picture in the cougar line but I have to include it. Just look at this manliness.
  • The Olympic torch isn't a just a flame. Please people, this should be a time when countries put aside differences and bring friendly competition and testosterone levels to new and exciting heights!
That's all for now. I have lots more thoughts but it has taken me forever to get these friggin' pictures in the right place. I have to go study.


Marty said...

How about a St. Louis cougars v. Chicago cougars post...once again cats and women....I think there is a lot of room for creativity here...and which cougar population was hit the worst by the West Salem quake??

Coovo said...

You'll have to fill me in on the St. Louis cougars.

If you are using the alternate use of the word cougar, I think you could link it in with the first part if the post. You could have a A spousal presidential debate could be called "Cougar's Gone Wild". Have you seen that Cindy McCain? Oh Yeah! Obama's wife isn't really old enough. But Bill Clinton's picture is in the dictionary under male cougar. "I did not have sex with that cougar."