Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hump Day Wednesday

In spite of being a "computer guy", I've never given much thought to hackers. I always thought that they were both glamorized in movies but over looked in real security matters (like when Congress gets hacked and the IP addresses are always from China).

But this group seems to wield a good bit of power. LulzSec. Never heard of them before, but the story is pretty interesting. Gotta admit it's probably a lot more exciting than whatever their day jobs are.

I've always been a big fan of looking for more thorough ways to utilize the energy that I think of as just laying around. Gravity is a big one for me, wind, and now I guess sun. This guy designed a machine that does some pretty cool stuff just with sun power, and that's not just what you think of as "solar power" but also the amplified, direct light of the sun.

Forgive me for linking to a NYT article (I believe they're just a step slower than the average paper, or else they would be up on phone hacking charges now too). But this was an interesting observation and something I've been thinking about in general. Are we making childhood too safe for our children to turn into decent human beings? Not sure this article is making any grand claims like that, but it does make some good points.

OK, and so these videos are cool. The skydiving from plane to plane is sort of wild and hair-brained. But the flying squirrel suits this couple dons create some pretty beautiful situations.

Every time a 26-year-old girl in America quotes 'The Bachelorette', a 13-year-old girl in China graduates from college.
--from Twitter, @NotKennyRogers


Coovo said...

I can't believe this country is on the brink of financial crisis and yet we hear nothing from Ryan. Are you for the Boehner plan? The Gang of Six? Tea party? Are you pro-default? This is killing me.

E60 on espn has done a couple stories on the squirrel suits. In fact one of the leading participants is a female model. Since I don't know how to post a picture in this box here I will type her name and you can look her up. Roberta Mancino.

Here is her ESPN link:

Ryan said...

Coov, excellent comment on Roberta Mancino. Absolutely lovely.

If people are interested in talking about the debt thing, maybe I'll post something. But is there really much to say about it?