Monday, February 21, 2011

Time To Get The Led Out

This Friday and Saturday, Celebration Day returns to the Pageant for two nights of Led Zeppelin. The band (most of whose members also comprise the Pink Floyd tribute band El Monstero) sells out the venue for two nights of LZ cathexis.

If you have ever had a period in your life where you dug Led Zeppelin, catching this show at some point is a must. This isn't just another tribute act. This band puts everything into the show, playing for over 3 hours straight each night. They do their best to recreate a real Zeppelin show, too: double-necked Gibson guitars, an acoustic set in the middle of the show at the front of the stage, the violin bow during Dazed and Confused, the rest of the band leaves the stage while the drummer does his best Bonham during "Moby Dick", and Jimmy even plays a theremin solo during Whole Lotta Love (who the heck has a theremin just laying around?).

I was a geek enough that last year I actually noted the setlist:

Celebration Day
Black Dog
Rock 'n Roll
Trampled Under Foot
Thank You
Immigrant Song
The Lemon Song
No Quarter
Dancing Days
The Ocean
Dazed and Confused
Since I Been Lovin' You
Moby Dick
Going To California
That's The Way
The Battle Of Evermore
The Song Remains the Same
Over The Hills And Far Away
All of my Love
In The Light
The Rain Song
Whole Lotta Love ->
Bring It On Home ->
Whole Lotta Love ->
How Many More Times ->
Whole Lotta Love

Stairway To Heaven


G. Smith said...

nice write-up, Rollo - makes me miss the Lou, and the theremin link sort of made me trip for 1:37 secs. thanks for that too!

I'm geek enough to want know if you have this year's set list

Roller said...

Didn't record the setlist this year, but it was another good one. One "gimmick" they did this year was to play Led Zeppelin II straight through. Lot of great tunes on that one... Some other notables that weren't heard last year: The Wanton Song, Friends (acoustic) and When The Levee Breaks (which was one of the best of the night).

I did take a few video clips, which I pushed up to You Tube:

Dazed & Confused
The Rain Song