Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tough As Balloons

I keep having this vision of a commercial for a really tough pickup truck. Only in the commercial, instead of dropping yards of top soil into the bed of the truck, they drop multi-colored party balloons.

Instead of making quick turns through thick mud with no spinning tires, they'll show someone slowly yielding to a hybrid in merging traffic.

Instead of showing the truck towing another truck with yet another truck in its bed, they'll show two trucks towing this truck. All while the driver sleeps.

I'm just saying, I think that would make a great ad.


Gene said...

Roller, this post conjures up images of past invention ideas, most of which were born one high school night on the Pesek trampoline. Glow-in-the-dark camouflage and freeze dried water were a couple I remember.

Good times.

And good luck. With the ad campaign, I mean.

Roller said...

Ah, yes. Nice. I believe those were products we planned to sell at the Inconvenience Store that Tommy wanted to open.

Ryan said...

freeze dried water, hilarious.

Rollers, it is a funny idear, and I think you're closer to reality than you know. I went in a buddy's truck the other day, and it had back seats and leather interior! I couldn't believe it. It also had little cameras in the rear bumper so you can back up without going over anything. Very untrucky.

I asked him the sticker price and nearly fell over.