Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ending the charade

At this point in time, to call myself a contributor to this blog, would be like calling the University of Illinois Football team the favorites for the national championship. A few weeks or months ago, I don't know which, I tried to revive my blogability by giving new life to our Law & Order series. Not only did it send our few loyal readers back into print media, it virtually crippled ratings for the new season of L&O . . . so the research hasn't come totally back on that one yet, but the hate e-mail I got from the sole member of the Elizabeth Olivet fan club sounded pretty convincing.

The effort on my part was specifically designed to draw myself back into the blogosphere. Get blogolicious ideas floating around in my head. Get back that blogging feeling, whooooa that blogging feeeeeling. I knew no one was going to respond, but I thought maybe it would rid my brain of the only other idea I had for a post, which, fortunately for you, is the subject of this one.

I'm done. I am officially resigning my position as the Loop blogger. The only idea I've had for a blog post in the last six months was one about how I really have no desire to post anymore. While it is true that the blog has drifted in a direction that doesn't really fit my style, I can only blame myself for going into blog hibernation for 6 months at a time.

Marty, Austin or Jim (all aliases) would be more than suitable replacements for me, though only one is a true Loop native. By virtue of their commenting in the past year, they have all demonstrated that they would be a much better asset to the blog than I.

This isn't to say that I am done writing or blogging. I'm quite sure I can't delete myself from this blog and I doubt Roller is going to do it for me. Perhaps in six months to a year, we can revisit my participation on an internship level. In the meantime, my writing needs to focus on other areas. In particular, getting hired at a great company and scoring chicks. Preferably ones that have not have corrective surgery.

I can only end this by saying that this is as good as I've felt about a post in a long time. I just feel bad it had to be about me not posting anymore. Good luck everyone.


Roller said...

Dude! Well you're damn right I'm not deleting you from anything. We still have another L&O post that's in the hopper after all.

The only real style this blog has is frequent posting droughts, and you exemplify that style, Tim! But seriously, the blog is whatever you make it. It has no agenda or taboos.

If you and Marty start a "TheLouAndTheLoop" blog I'm going to be pissed.

Ryan said...

Coovo, this is a surprise, and not a good one. Maybe it's a good thing to take some time and get away from the Law and Order posts that were so central for so long. As Bunk would say, this blog requires soft eyes.

If there's any agenda or style that I can see here at TLATL, it's getting friends together to talk/rant/kid/argue/whatever about whatever. We are the blog of the Seinfeld world, the blog about nothing, although maybe not quite as funny (or formulaic).

Plus the fact that you are our only legitimate Cubs correspondent and true patriot of Illinois (shout out to Ballwin, MO, no disrespect).

We seem to have settled into a decent one post every week or two, and I don't think anyone is pressing for more than that. As I try to post when I can, I've only learned not to let the perfect get in the way of the good -- I never feel like my own posts are complete but I post them anyway. I hope you can finish up some of those drafts and just shove them out there.

But until then, enjoy the break, and we'll see you on the downstroke.

Marty said...

what are you going to write to those chicks? letters? e-mails? notes on bar napkins?

Coovo said...

Guys, I think we all know its time for me to take a break from not blogging.

Seriously though, I just haven't been feeling it. Writing that last law and order was tough. Getting the words out was like trying to force feed an olsen twin. The only thing I truly had an idea about was to write a post about resigning because I felt like a lackey for not posting. So I wrote it. And it flowed. It felt good. That's a start. Could it be that a strong post about quitting is just what I need to start contributing again? That would be weird.

And the outcry from TLATL nation is deafening. Mike Belgrove is pissed. (5 bonus points if you can tell me who that is)

Did you know that you can pac-mamn from on the blog? that is awesome. I want back in.

Marty said...

So you actually removed yourself from the "Contributors"...lame...

Doughboy said...

As with everyone else, I hope that taking some time away gets you a chance to recharge. I have enjoyed looking over some of your old posts and it seemed like you were enjoying the blogging back then. As for now, enjoy some blog rest, watch some Flyer basketball coming up this Winter and we will look forward to any articles you may post in the future

Roller said...

I'm probably the only person qualified to get this, but Mike Belgrove, aka evorgleb, was the first real (non-spam-robot) person to comment on one of our posts.

Just noticed looking back on his comment that he's changed his handle to Mike Belgrove. Originally posting as "evorgleb", he gained affinity from our very own revoocmit.

I'm putting all 5 points on Green 00.

Coovo said...

I didn't delete anything. I bet it was McCabe who deleted me. He's had it out for me ever since I told him that I hoped Rush Limbaugh ate himself.

Or maybe it was doughboy. Nice and convenient to do exactly as I ask. I am stoked for Flyer basketball though. has us at 22.

Marty, I was kind of hoping you would slide into my spot and really get your liberal on. I know how much you love Obama and his conspiracy to dominate the world, and health care. You and Ryan could go at it for weeks.

I stayed up til 1:30 last night playing pac-man.

Marty said...

I have also spent an hour or two playing the pac-man link, but as for blogging, i can barely keep my laundry clean and get up to go to work every morning, so I think it might be a bit much for me to handle...especially if I'm going to ever get my reinstate Blagojevich movement up and running

G. Smith said...

All I can say is wtf - this whole thing is horse shit! People may not fly off the handle on the average coovo post - but that doesn't make them any less entertaining, or in fact necessary to what I see as impressively consistent occasional blogging.

and honestly, in my head, you're pretty much the Loop part of the loop and the lou. A blog just called the Lou would be okay...but where's the controversy, the drama, the excitement. It will be hard to muster up the energy to spend hours googling for a comment without that fundamental dichotomy of two cities with the same values, but only one decent baseball team!

So take a break - gather your strength, post about pac-man, and come back to my favorite blog swinging. We want more! we want more! we want more! (sporadic posts about random stuff)!

Bernsey said...

My heart breaks... a single tear...