Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Law & Order

TLATL's own Roller and Coovo devoted quite a series of posts to, well, quite a series on TV. It appears that they aren't the only two devotees to the great show of Law & Order. A comic I saw on Comedy Central (who did an overall pretty funny show) had some stuff to say about TLATL's favorite guilty pleasure:
John Mulaney - Jerry Orbach
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John Mulaney - Law & Order
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Roller said...

Funny stuff, Rye. And great timing, Coov was just putting the finishing touches on a new entry in our series...

Coovo said...

Good Stuff. Even better stuff is that sweet Sammy sosa picture of Roller's. That never gets old.

Joe said...

Hey Ryan, it is Joe Reimer. Randomly, I am friends with John Mulaney's brother. His brother is a straight-laced lawyer, while John is now writing for SNL. Similar to you and Kevin, except not at all. Onward and upward!