Thursday, June 11, 2009


A friend of TLATL recently went on a float trip. In the morning he put on his shoes (barefoot) and even took a couple steps before he felt something fuzzy and found this guy inside. <<>>


Roller said...

I put a question up at a bug forum to see what kind of spider it is:

Ryan said...

Roller, thanks for popping up a post, which we've been neglecting as it is. Hopefully we will all find a bit more time.

Second, holy COW AL! I didn't realize you had put your foot in there.

The only spiders in MO I have ever seen that big are wolf spiders.

But what probably happened is a tiny spider crawled into Al's shoe at night and the nasty stink turned it into a monster.

Please keep an eye on Al, see if he starts clinging to walls or bending steel.

Marty said...

So that was Al's time we need better pictures for Lynette, so you need to get a better picture phone...If I put my foot in a shoe and felt that, I would have instantly barfed all over. That thing was huge.