Friday, May 8, 2009

You want a post?

I'm your Huckleberry.

Manny. Big news. The primary use for the drug he used is to help increase ovulation. Manny being trans-Manny. I'm not sure I feel caught up on what happened though. I'm watching Mike and Mike in the morning and so far they've only interviewed, Peter Gammons, Jayson Stark, Bob Ryan and Buster Olney. If only I knew what Jose Canseco was thinking. Oh wait, they played audio clips from him too. Remember when Canseco said no one wanted Manny because he was on that list that A-Rod was on? Please stop giving this guy credibility. PLEASE!

There's a few other television related items that are "grinding my gears" so to speak. When I went to to link the above story, I was met with a video commercial for what is now my least favorite jingle. It was never my favorite, but when I hear "Five. . . Five dollar . . ." I cringe. I love to eat them, but I don't want to hear anyone sing that song ever again. Give me Jared and John Cena arm wrestling.

I fell asleep with the TV on the other night. In my daze, I heard " Oh, it's a double-pisted chesty!" I sat straight up, grabbed my Louisville slugger and beat my TV to a pulp.

Lastly, since I don't have digital cable, DirectTV or Tivo, I still channel flip. VH1 has seemingly cornered the market on sleazy dating shows. There newest is The Cougar. I didn't link it but I'm sure you can find it if you want. Memo to anyone who is considering going on any of theses shows, male or female: You are a dirty human. (p.s. sorry that third chick is only half in the picture).


Marty said...

The Cougar is on TVland, not VH1, and shouldn't be confused with Daisy of Love or Rock of Love...That being said, I haven't watched VH1 or MTV in about five years, and not sure I've ever watched TVland...Vivica Fox is the host of The how she has fallen from the class of Booty Call and Independence Day...wait..??

Ryan said...

Third chick? Classic. Eat your heart out Michaels.

It looks like Manny has been caught cold. You'd think if he was innocent, he'd have something more to say, but who knows. To all our doctor friends out there, or if anyone stayed in a Holliday Inn Express last night, is there a legitimate medical reason that a doctor might prescribe that medication to someone?

I've heard something about weight gain/loss, but that seems weird.

Coovo said...

I would like to amend my words. I think the phrase shoudld be just "Manny being Tranny".

I feel much better about myself knowing that I was wrong about what channel the Cougar is on. But I'm upset that I taped re-runs of pop-up video.

TVland? Really? From the station that brought us Andy Griffith and Cosby re-runs. I guess we all go slutty sooner or later.

Roller said...

Manny being Tranny. Awesome!!

Was the term "Cougar" developed to label a new trend or have 40-year-old women been chasing 24-year-old Martys around for years and it just hadn't been named? In 20 years will 60-year-olds still be chasing Marty around? What will they be called? Martians.

Marty said...

I did stay at a holiday in last night, and so therefore I overheard two doctors talking while I was getting ice, and they said that that stuff can be used as possible treatment for ED/lack of libido, but an article I read just made the point that Viagra and Cialis can do that just fine now and safer, so there doesn't seem to be much reason to prescribe the HCG, unless he saw the movie Junior, and really just wanted a baby all along...with himself...Manny being Tranny.

As for the Cougar term couldn't be more accurate. It's been happening to me for awhile, so much so, that I still tell people that I'm 24, just so I can keep my nickname, "cougar bait." Unfortunately, due to the large amount of time I spent with my Nana when I was 24, I don't have to wait 20 years, because the 60+ suitors have had my scent for some time now. I call them my "Martini's."

Marty said...

roller, you should have taken some fertility drugs for your race, you would have been right up there with the kenyans...Do you guys find it interesting that while I'm at work i hound you guys about posting more, just so I have a new website to kill time on...I'm ready...

Roller said...

Marty, the prodding for new posts is always good. And the sad thing is that I was on fertility drugs. For horses. I would have been a lot slower without them.