Monday, March 2, 2009

Around The Horn

"All the hits the Nits missed."

In science news, the magazine ScienceNews recently printed an article about the successful teleportation of matter. A qubit was transferred between two atoms. It is my believe that a qubit is something that is so small that you've never heard of it before. We still have a ways to go before we can beam Coovo around the universe, but it's a start.

"But what would be the point of beaming Coovo around the universe?" you ask with a condescending tone, "Earth is the only inhabitable planet anyway!"

Not so fast. At a recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held in The Loop, astronomer Alan Boss recently posited that there is one earth-like planet for every solar system in the galaxy. There are about 1011 solar systems in our galaxy (the good ole' Milky Way), and 1011 galaxies in the universe. That's a lot of Earths.

How does he know this? He doesn't, of course. But the NASA's Kepler Mission launches on March 5, with the sole purpose to count the number of earth like planets in the Cygnus constellation. Now from my extensive research (the 90 seconds I spent reviewing the wikipedia entry) the Cygnus constellation has 6 known stars with planets. So I don't see exactly how this shows us that there is an earth in each of the 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 solar systems out there... but perhaps I just need to do more reading on the Kepler Mission. I'll admit this isn't the most thorough research ever blogged.

I wonder how many other earths invented baseball...

It's March, and the players are back on the field. While there are many players out there with numbers like 86 and 72, it's still baseball. Youngsters get a chance to turn some heads. Veterans prove they have a little left in the tank. And everybody else gets to warm it up.

In the next month, the Cards have to find a second basemen, figure out who will man the hot corner until Glaus returns, find a reliever or relievers to close games, and probably most importantly, see if Chris Carpenter is really healthy.

I'm reading Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" right now. It's a good, easy read that I recommend to all of you. The perfect book to read before bed.


Ryan said...

That's a great nerd picture.

Marty said...

There was a second while reading this post where I thought the picture was actually a corresponding picture like in a normal paper, and I was like there's no way those are the two guys who...oh wait funny picture...anyways, do you think on any of the other earths right now that there are two guys, with a third to be added shortly, and the second rarely showing his virtual face anymore, blogging from two rival cities??....I bet there is...

Roller said...

If you look closely at the Asian dude's shirt, it says "Laser Jock". Awesome.

Marty, I was wondering about the parallel blogging, too. Maybe in that world, bizarro roller could dunk on bizarro marty. Since you would dunk by pushing the ball up through the basket, I think it's an entirely possible feat for bizarro roller.

Coovo said...

In the bizarro world, the guys are probably named Rollo and Coover. That would be hilarious.