Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Slogan

It occurred to us recently that the slogan of our site is still "Two guys on opposite ends of I-55 trying to see what happens when people stop being polite and start Bloggin'!"

Coovo's homage to The Real World was fitting for the two man team of Coovo and me. After all, MTV did put us up in this sweet blog with the only condition that we participate in contrived scenes about Coovo's addiction to Fruit Loops and my obsession with replacing 27% of his Fruit Loops with Apple Jacks. Man, the confessionals that came out of that.

Fortunately, Ryan joined us this past Spring, threw the MTV producers out on their nose rings and shaped things up around here. "First things first!" he then told Coovo and me. "No Apple Jacks in me Lucky Charms!!".

Since then it's been a honeymoon around here. But the 50% staff increase and Ryan's lack of proximity to I-55 have left the original slogan outdated. That's where you guys come in! We'd like your suggestions, and we'll throw a few of our own in, too. We'll then put a poll up, and everyone can vote on the new slogan. We'll still be keeping "The Loop And The Lou", of course, we just want a more descriptive/intelligent/ironic/satirical/dumb slogan.

The author of the winning slogan gets a secret prize, the value of which will be well worth the effort, and may or may not involve Coovo's mustache!


kevin! said...

3 dudes who never stop being dudes; 1 blog that never stops being occasionally updated.

Coovo said...

The mustache is gone. Moment of silence please . . . . .

How about 3 guys, a Blog and a Pizza Place.

Roller said...

Kevin - hilarious.

Coov... without the mustache, the Three Men and a Blog option is out. That's probably a good thing, but you made such a good Selek nonetheless.

Coovo said...

Wait a second Roller, last time I checked you weren't the boss of this here blog.

And do you know I didn't name this mustache here, Pizza Place.

Ryan said...

Yeah, that's a tricky one because I couldn't live with myself if I were either Steve Guttenberg or Ted Danson. I hate both those guy.

Kev, our occasional updates, I think, actually outpaces our occasional readership... So we're keeping supply up with demand...

Marty said...

first of all, who hates Mahoney??...well in Police Academy 1 anyway...second of all, I resent any implication that I don't keep up on my loopandthelou reading....third of all, i actually do hate steve guttenberg too, you're right, he's just bad....i don't have a clever motto, but it should somehow maybe play on "blog"ojevich...because that man is going to jail...possible future post...the unbelievable arrogance of rod blagojevich

John Hanrahan said...

I think it should be two guys a girl and a pizza place.

Ryan should be the girl because he doesn't like Steve Guttenberg or Ted Danson.

Coovo said...

Ryan, you disappoint me. I throw out a classic 2 guys, a girl and pizza place reference and you come up with three men and a baby. I don't even think there was any pizza in that movie. Seriously, get on your game.

What about the possibility of re-rerouting I-55 and extending it through Minneapolis. If we can scrape up some dough, Illinois will be on board.

Kevin!, saw your post about the wire. Roller will probably read it, but did not. Never seen the show and no way it is better than Smallville. Or as I call it 2 girls, a superman and a pizza place.

Ryan said...

Coovo, if O'Bama really wants to improve the infrastructure of the U.S., he should fund a bullet train connecting STL > Kansas City > Des Moines > Minneapolis > Madison > Milwaukee > Chicago > St.Louis.

That would revolutionize not only midwest travel and unclog a ton of airline traffic that seems to close to be efficient, it would revolutionize the Loop and the Lou.

We'd have to find a lot more contributors.

And I didn't overlook your 2 guys a girl... comment, I was just thinking the 3 of us plus your baby-mustache-in-a-stroller fit too well.

However, Johnny, I can't agree with you, I'd have to be Ryan Reynolds. Same first name, plus I'd get Scarlett Johansen in the deal. Rollo is the other guy, which leaves Coovo as the chick. The pizza place is this blog.

But in any case, I know the crowd is chanting for more Coov-o. Sounds a lot like "More cow-bell", but it's really "More coov-ooo".

Coovo said...

Can I be the pizza place and the blog be the girl?

Roller said...

Kev, I replied to your Wire comment - always love that topic.

I think the slogan should have some buzzwords in it. Like:

Paradigm Shift (or just paradigm)
Web 3.1 (Web 2.0 isn't a buzz word anymore)

Ryan said...

How bout "Web 3.neXt, Shhhhhhhhh."

Oh snap.

Rollz, I chuckle every time I see that puking leprochaun. Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype that's been haunting my people for centuries!

We never puke.

Marty said...

I had to look up what ontology was...still don't get it, but I'm sure it would be delicious with some cilantro on it....and some more cow bell...

Coovo said...

I think otnology has something to do with the ears, of a human. OR is that otonology? I don't know

Your people? I never knew Richmond Heights residents were drunks.

HEre is a list of blog influenced terminolgy:

Premature blogulation
Post-blogmatic syndrome
BBF (Best Blogs Forever)
Where my blawgs at?
Total Eclipse of the Blog.
Can I get a blog up in this mug?
Once, twice, three times a Blogger
It's better to have blogged once, than to have not blogged at all.

I like that last one

kevin! said...

why make your slogan a boring catch phrase? why not a picture as a slogan?
here's my suggestion:
This is how serious we are!