Monday, May 19, 2008


Sometimes certain things cross your path and you just say, "Really?" A lot of times, it is followed immediately by, "Why?"

I understand that reunion tours are in vogue these days. Especially for groups you never thought you'd see together again. I mean I ponied up a hundred plus to see the Police. I thought about doing it for Van Halen. And in a "I'll always be a teenage girl at heart" kind of way, I even understand the Spice Girls. But even that part of me looks at the New Kids on the Block new album and tour and says, "Really? Why?" All the aforementioned groups can do pretty much the same thing that made them popular. The Police and VH rock out and the Spice Girls still look good (sort of). I'm not quite sure what made the New Kids so popular but I'm pretty sure it had to do with them being kids. Five thirty-something dudes is suits "Hangin' Tough" might not catch on like it did back then. However, anyone booking these concerts should have plenty of first aid available to deal with all the drunk 40 year old women who haven't partied like this in 15 years.

As I'm writing this I have seen the most annoying commercial for Taco Bell twice. Annoyance aside, you have to consider its purpose or rather the lack thereof. Two (white) guys pull up to a drive thru and start rapping (horribly) about a 89 cent burrito. "Really? Why?" Now maybe its on every half hour because I live in a college town and we like the cheap eats, but I'm pretty sure I live nowhere near Poserville. Its the type of commercial that makes me want to boycott the item and anything associated with it. And for those of you wondering, I've still never had a Mentos.

I think reality television is here to stay. Who could have predicted Survivor could sustain its popularity for this long? And even though the Osborne's flamed out after a few additional seasons, they were pioneers in the industry. But now we have the Osborne effect. Every B-list (or C-list) celebrity thinks they can put camera crews in their house or join a game show and gain notoriety. And the worst part is we give it to them. Gene Simmons, Hulk Hogan, Danny Bonaducci. "Really? Why?" Someone please, please tell me why Flava Flav is still on my TV set. And why women are competing to go out with him. Flav, go find Chuck D and rap. If you need money sell your clocks.

I could go on. Really Maury? Why? Who are the people who go to court on TV and get yelled at by those lady judges? Why? Girls wearing sunglasses that cover their whole face. Really? Why? Are they prescription? Did you singe your eyebrows? Are they 3-D?

Now that I have had my say, what makes you sit back and say, "Really? Why?"


Roller said...

Coovo that made me laugh out loud. Especially the Mentos line (and how it summed up your point).

I think TLATL should start a boy-band (man-band would be more accurate, but 100 times more creepy). Our name would be Too Large And Too Loud or something. Because everyone loves large, loud boys.

I'm kind of drawing a blank on a Really? Why?, but here's one... Grown, educated people who write in chat-speak. I can't stand that. I don't even use "u" or "b4" or "ur" when I'm texting someone! I speak English!!

Nicole said...

The most remarkable part of the whole NKOTB reunion is watching Donnie Wahlberg try to get through the whole experience with some dignity (it doesn't work.) He actually looks like he is in physical pain when he is trying to perform those idiotic songs.

The New Kids was an ongoing tease for my best friend in high school. Whenever she could get a hold of my notebooks or book covers, she'd write "I "heart" NKOTB" all over it in bright neon colors. She'd really spend some time on it too (she was arty). Big fancy bubbly letters saying "I LOVE NKOTB."

There were actually girls in our school that had picked "favorite kids" and then when they spotted my books would come up to me and ask me to parse through their decisions with them. "Are you for Jordan, Danny or Donnie" It didn't seem very funny at the time, but it does now.

Ryan said...

Wow. Nicole, that commentary could probably run a marketing campaign on its own. You've given me flashbacks to the girls I grew up with and crazy bright and shiny/sparkly markers, etc...

Rolls, what do you mean, we "should" start a boy band, that's how you got me into this mess to begin with.

I've been working on dance moves every other day.

Coov, weird on our posting times. Very tantric of us.

Marty said...

"You're not going to give me your phone number, because you find me creepy?" Really?? Why??

"You're going to wear those huge sunglasses at the same time as your giant fur boots...on the outside of your jeans??" Really Why??

"You're going to sign Jim Edmonds even though Marty hates him and he's one frosted tip away from the end of his career??" Really?? Why??

A blog about nothing in particular with bi-monthly posts that used to contain Law and Order content? Loop...Lou?? Really?? Why??

Two question marks?? Really Why??

Ryan said...

Roller, I think marty just called you bi-monthly.

Roller said...

Nice story Nicole, but that explains why I have seen "I Heart NKOTB" fingered into a foggy mirror on multiple occasions.

Marty, your knock on our frequency was hilarious and a good exclamation point to your rant. You loooooovve Edmonds. I know his face was etched into your foggy mirrors for a week after his signing. Admitting it is the first step, Martin.