Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Almost Double Digits

2 posts ago we almost hit the double digit mark in comments. It made my day. I'd still like to hear more about which person people would choose but we'll have plenty of time for that when we analyze the 314 different judges that have taken the bench. Hmmm, can't wait.

I know Roller said that I would talk about jump shots and bacon, but it's June and no one's still playing basketball, right?

I am a big fan of bacon. Not turkey bacon, because well, turkeys aren't pigs. However, I can't tell you how bacon makes everything better. In fact, I tried it on an orange just the other day and I hate to say it, but the orange was better without bacon. And with my newly discovered but not surprising high cholesterol level, I have to learn to say no to this and many other forms of "swine".

I spoke with Roller last night and we have some non-Law & Order posts in the works. Like this one, talking about the possibilities for non-Law & Order posts. How about posts about hot chicks. I'm out of ideas.

This one's for Al Gore. Today at work, I reused the Styrofoam coffee cup I used yesterday. AND, I recycled my nudey magazines yesterday.

Have a great day everyone.


Ryan said...

Dudes, great job on the L&O series so far. I know you don't want to pigeonhole your blog with just this stuff, but at the same time, having some topics helps churn out the production and hilarity. How about multi-tasking? I think if you could do a post about the hottest news-chicks on univision, it would be gangbusters. Or just hottest news chicks in the country, period. I have a huge crush on this local newscaster here in Minneapolis. I bet she'd do pretty well.

But there's just something special about those spanish chicks and their accents and ridiculously tight, shiny suits.

Food for thought.

Coovo said...

Food I'd like to have on the dinner table every night!

labargeg said...

Mmmmm, shiny food...

Shinny Penny...

Roller said...

if there's one thing right about Latin culture, it's that they don't try to pretend that people wouldn't rather get their news from a beautiful, buxom princess. When you bring on a panel of experts, sure, bring the experts. But if you just need someone to effectively read cue cards, hire the most beautiful woman you can.

Great point, Rye.

Mark said...

Coov, I tried putting bacon on my multi-vitamin this morning and my day was improved 1000000%. I decided to validate...

bike riding + bacon = good
mozart + bacon = awesome
latin chics + bacon = mucho gusto!

I know its not a comprehensive survey*, but it sure is surprising.

I can't believe I'm now getting my science learning during my L&O hobby!

Thanks Again,

*I couldn't come up with two more experiments